Accolades Badminton and Sports Academy

Intense training with focus for overall development 'fitness', 'Skill', 'Speed', 'Attitude' .. covering every aspect.Advance badminton players will focus on skill refinement to push them into the next level. They will cover advance tactics and technique refinement. Focus is on conditioning of physical and mental aspects of badminton.

Thrust is on movement of foot, understanding your reflexes, body balance, the reach, quick recovery time and building up boundless stamina to excel, all of which are attainable only with proper badminton physical training programme. Rallies are long and there are no rest intervals in between. Thus supreme fitness in addition to the skills is the key for success.

Mental component of Badminton training Program is another area we touch upon . We help you stay positive, help improve your ability to assess your opponent . Needless to mention that playing with a supreme fit body goes a long way in enhancing your self confidence.